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Laying The Foundation

Our Hebrew school plays a crucial role in nurturing Jewish identity, providing a foundation for engagement in Jewish communal life, and fostering an appreciation for Jewish heritage and values. It helps children and teenagers connect with their religious roots and prepares them to become active and informed members of the Jewish community.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Our teachers are warm, dedicated, and highly motivated professionals who make your child feel at home. We are here to help guide and support your child’s Jewish education.

Jewish Values

We emphasize the importance of Jewish values, such as compassion, charity, and social justice, encouraging students to apply these values in their daily lives. Topics may include Jewish history, holidays, customs, traditions, ethics, and mitzvot (commandments).


Hebrew school fosters a sense of Jewish identity and belonging to the broader Jewish community. It provides opportunities for students to engage with their peers and participate in communal activities, fostering connections with their Jewish heritage.

B’nai Mitzvah

Many students attend Hebrew school to prepare for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah, which marks their coming of age in the Jewish community. It’s important to note that the celebration of a Bar Mitzvah can vary depending on individual customs, family traditions, and the specific practices of different Jewish denominations. The underlying significance of the ceremony remains consistent across various Jewish communities, symbolizing the young person’s commitment to their faith, family, and community.